Cheat sheet that you have to keep for holiday planning

Planning for a long trip can take a lot of time and here is the cheat sheet to make planning a breeze.

Download Google Trip – this amazing app has basic city itineraries for all the cities in the world. Go to “Day Plan” and look through popular itineraries and you can mark favourite for things that you like. You can also look at “Things to do” for things grouped in different categories such as outdoor, indoor, family and etc. Take your time to explore other features of this app.

The coolest feature of this app is that it links up with google map. Anything that is “starred” will appear on both apps.

Learn to tag using Google Map
– I always like Google Map for navigation and also keeping track of the places I like to go. It is time to learn tagging! Google maps offer three standard tags – favourite (the red heart), want to go (green flags) and starred tagging (yellow stars). If you want to create a special list for a particular city, you can also create one. Example, I have a separate list for each city which appears as blue green circles. Having a list for each city allows me to share the list out to friends separately.

As a guide, I use the red heart for my accommodation, restaurants I want to go (green flags) and bars (starred). For the general tourist attractions (landmark, museums etc) I have them saved under a separate list and they appear as blue green buttons.

Look up TripAdvisor for restaurant recommendations
– I know some of the restaurants are given false review boost in TripAdvisor but generally it is still a reliable guide. Watch out for terrible comments, if they are mostly service related, I can usually accept it as food taste is more important to me. Find a few restaurants and cafe that you like to visit and have them marked on google map! (Note: I find TripAdvisor recommendations more reliable than recommendations in Google Trip)

Use Google Flight to find best available flight
– I prefer google flight to SkyScanner to check for flights. The lowest prices are shown on the calendar. Also, in desktop version, the map view allows you to see the prices across different cities at the same time.

The map view is available in desktop version:

Have other recommendations? Let me know by giving your comments below.

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